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Matthias Morel, CEO and Co-Founder
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Hotel Gym Review Facts

Founded: 2009 in Canada by Ross Brown (Chairperson) and Matthias Morel (CEO). The original development launch team included Robert Flyman (Programing) and James "Jamie" Copeland (Design).

Website Launched: January 2010

Elevator Pitch: Hotel Gym Review collects user reviews focused around the hotel gym and related amenities to help fitness minded individuals plan overnight hotel arrangements.

Development Team's Location: Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hotel Gym Review ideal only for athletes? "No, Hotel Gym Review is intended for any individual that wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle on the road," explains Matthias Morel.

Does Hotel Gym Review only review hotel gyms? "Hotel Gym Review includes the entire guest experience at a hotel, but with an emphasis on a hotel's gym, plus other amenities like on-site healthy meal options, nearby parks for working out and if the hotel is in an ideal neighborhood for walking, running or jogging," says Matthias Morel.

How are hotels ranked? Matthias Morel explains, "We have an internal methodology that we are continually evolving that takes information collected from a user review, which ultimately contributes to a hotel's ranking."

Can anyone write a review? "No," advises Matthias Morel. "Only guests who have stayed at a hotel may write a review. Employees, including those who have stayed at their hotel or an affiliated chain or franchise property are strictly prohibited from writing a reviews."

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