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About Us

Our goal at is to become the best place in the world to research an accommodation's fitness facilities while also providing content on staying fit while on the traveling. We do this is by having fellow health and fitness minded travelers write reviews and rank fitness facilities based on their own experiences. That way, when you want to stay fit while on the road you can see a ranking of hotels and chose an accommodation that suits you best.

The idea came when the two co-founders were on an extended multi-city business trip and noticed the wide range of fitness facilities available at the Hotels. The inconsistency between hotel's fitness facilities was vast regardless of the hotel brand or hotel star rating. Some hotels & resorts invest a lot into their fitness facilities and have multiple cardio machines, multiple resistance equipment machines in a well lit, large and comfortable atmosphere. Other hotels & resorts may have a rusty treadmill ticked away in a room in the basement with a heater turned full blast. We're here to sort through the madness and match you with a great hotel fitness facility on your next trip. We also dig a little deeper and get a little bit of information about the hotel and its surrounding areas from our reviewers to see if they are truly health friendly.

We want our users to have a great experience while using We try very hard to make this happen and are always looking at ways to make the site more useful and the overall experience better. You the user are at the core of what makes this site work. We value your feedback, ideas and questions. Please drop us a line.

How it Works

You can either search for a review or write a review. Once you write a review, we crunch the data through a mathematical formula and get what we call the HGR Rating (HotelGymReview Rating). We combine all the ratings for an accommodation to get the overall rating. Travelers can search for a city they are going to and get a list of the best to worst hotel fitness facilities. We take hotel ratings very seriously and read each review to make sure they meet our guidelines.

Why it's important?

Staying fit while traveling is very important - Our drive in creating this site is to allow you to make a reliable decision for finding and booking a hotel with great fitness facilities before you hit the road. Keeping active while traveling has many benefits including:

  • Combating jet leg
  • Keeping energy levels high
  • Better productivity
  • Keeping healthy

Thanks for visiting - make sure to come back before your travels!

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